Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions below to see if your question has already been answered before contacting us.

If you want to know the estimated delivery time of a product, you can find it on the product page before placing an order. We always strive to meet the specified delivery time.

If the 'in stock' status is displayed, you will usually receive the product within 2 working days.

Yes, as soon as we create a label, you will receive a track & trace code by email.

You can find all information about shipments at the bottom of the website under the heading 'Information'.

Please find all information about warranty periods at the bottom of the website under the heading 'Service'.

You can find all information about returns at the bottom of the website under the heading 'Service'.

On the vehicle registration and on the RDW website, it is stated exactly how much noise your exhaust is allowed to produce according to the law. Measuring this accurately can be difficult and requires a decibel meter.

We indicate on our website for each product whether the decibel killer is removable. Manufacturers are required to provide EURO4 and EURO5 exhausts without removable DB-Killer.

Motorcycles from 2016 must comply with the EURO4 standard.

Motorcycles from 2021 must comply with the EURO5 standard.

For motorcycles up to the year of manufacture 2015, it is not mandatory to have a fixed killer. Manufacturers determine themselves whether they make the killer removable or not.

This is described in detail on the relevant product page in our webshop.

You will receive a card or certificate with proof of approval for each approved exhaust system. The approval mark is also stamped on the exhaust.


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