All exhaust brands we sell manufacture products from high-quality materials and maintain strict quality control. However, it can of course happen that something goes wrong with a product. We state the warranty period that the manufacturer applies for each motorcycle exhaust we sell.

  • The warranty period can be found on the product page
  • If you are viewing the product page of a motor exhaust on our website, you can find the warranty information under the 'Product details' tab.

Excluded from warranty

Products that are used and damaged, unfortunately, is part of the reality. For scratches and dents, warranty does not apply. If you have a damage that you are sure is not caused by usage, then the product may be eligible for warranty.

If the exhaust pipes get too hot, there is a possibility that they may discolor, which is a natural process of the material. For approved systems, this is expected to happen not too quickly. For non-approved systems, this may happen more frequently. If you are a very sporty rider, it may also discolor faster than with standard riding behavior. These discolorations are not covered by the standard warranty.

Any modification made to an exhaust system will immediately void the warranty. We can only offer exhausts to the manufacturer if they are in their original condition. The exhaust must also be used on the motorcycle model for which it is intended.