KM-Parts Noise killer ø48mm (with bend)

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This KM-Parts decibel killer can be used universally on many exhausts. This killer muffles the sound from the exhaust.

- Per Unit
- Can be shortened (saw)
- End piece diameter (A): ø48mm
- End piece height (B): 18mm
- Diameter muffler (C): ø25mm
- Total length (D): 190mm
- Angle: 30 degrees


Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly does a DB killer do?
A decibel killer ensures circulation of the sound waves before the vibrations reach the exit of the exhaust. This provides a damping in the level. High tones will be less muffled than very low tones. An exhaust without a muffler chamber (these usually look like one long exhaust bend), is almost impossible to muffle because the sound is too high.

How much does the noise dampen on my motorcycle?
Unfortunately we cannot predict this. This differs per exhaust and motorcycle model. With low sound waves the effect is always noticeable, with high sound waves attenuation is less effective.

Will my engine perform less?
With most motorcycles it will not be noticeable in terms of power and ride comfort (with extra damping wool it can be noticeable!). Do you experience any problems? Then the tip is to drill some extra holes in the killer so that the pressure can be released better. Find the balance between damping and good power.

How and where do I fix the killer?
The killer is screwed on with a bolt (and sometimes nut) in the end of the exhaust. If no hole is pre-drilled as standard, you will have to drill a hole yourself to be able to attach.

How do I choose the right decibel killer?
Measure (preferably with a caliper) the diameter of the end of the exhaust. is the diameter ø45mm? Then choose the largest available killer between ø42mm-ø44mm (1-3mm narrower). Also keep in mind that sometimes there is a bend or narrowing slightly deeper in the exhaust.


Diameter (mm) 48
Unit Piece
Color Silver
Length (mm) 190
Material RVS
Shape Round

  • Exclusive partner of major brands
  • + 30 years active in the exhaust industry
  • 14 days reflection period
  • Mounting options
  • Pick up in store possible
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